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Phantom Concerts


An immersive experience
of classical chamber music
in authentic, unusual settings


Renee van de B. – T.

“What a surprise! In an intimate setting!”

Ferry M.

“A magical evening. A classical chamber music program filled with compositions from various countries. The concert took place in one of the beautiful church buildings in Amsterdam Old South, setting the stage for an unforgettable musical experience.”

Danny J.

“You don’t want to miss the concert for the world, already looking forward to the next one…”
Theo T.

“Beautiful and melodic concert, beautifully played in a beautiful setting”
Louise H.

“Beautiful concert by top musicians in a beautiful setting”
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Your experience

In classical music we trust

Live classical chamber music that gets you inspired
Indulge in a wide variety of themes and genres

In settings that’s feel like a chambre d’amis
In environments feeling like home

Experiences that really touch your soul!

An immersive musical journey
of the senses


Experiences engaging most of your senses
See to the music and listen to the setting

For you to see, hear and feel something truly special
In settings where the magic happens.

To leave you amazed and awestruck.

Authentic unusual settings

Oases in a bustling city

Iconic church buildings in Amsterdam Old South, Amsterdam Vondel and Amsterdam Central Classic or contemporary characteristic boats

Spectacular local talent

Skills & love for music

Very talented local musicians
Of a quality leaving you speechless
Both renowned and established
As well as upcoming talents

Immersive atmospheres

Intimate energy

Ranging from authentic interiors,
spirituality and religious art

To artistic images projected onto walls,
ceilings, and floors

Or indulging you in beautiful Amsterdam
from the water

Each, enhancing your experience of the

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Video afspelen

An impression of an earlier Phantom concert.

Private Events

Would you like to book a private concert? We are happy to offer a tailored solution. Book the exclusive service that fits your group’s needs, and let the music inspire you.

Work with us

If you would like to form a part of the Phantom experience and become one of the musicians or hosts, sent us a email and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. info@phantomconcerts.com

About us

Born in the Summer of 2023 in Amsterdam!! Phantom Concerts is a life of concerts.

Immersive concerts of live classical chamber music in combination with visual and other attractions in authentic, unusual settings in the beloved city.

Phantom Concerts pushes the boundaries of classical entertainment in particular and lifestyle in general, including socially relevant themes, to new levels.

For you to see, hear and feel something truly special. In settings where the magic happens. To leave you amazed and awestruck.

For some, a Phantom is some weary soul coming back from the dead to haunt the living. A shadow, or maybe a ghost. Something to make disappear by turning on a light. Phantoms can be everywhere and nowhere.

In the Bible, a Phantom merely means “a shadowing forth, a sketch, an outline.” It gives the impression of a mere shape. However, more interesting, it means “whatever makes a man remarkable or procures respect.”

For us, Phantom refers to a spirit, that is the vital principle or animating force within all living things. Often overlapping with the concepts of soul and mind and having a connection to breathing. Spirit and spirituality play important roles in everything that lives.

Phantom also means among others appearance, image, and apparition, meaning “I make visible”. We appear in less expected settings, in less expected ways to enlighten the spirit, soul and mind of the living. To make classical music and these settings visible.

Our logo underlines our essence of the Phantom. A spirit that can come and go. A very transparent sketch, a very fine but illusionistic outline. With an invisible or barely visible presence. However, with a strong impact on the experience: “What you get is far more than what you see”.

As a mask, this logo is a symbol often connected to the concept of the Phantom. But showing positive emotions: love, joy and tenderness.
But also underlining that people see life / behave differently because of the mask they have on.

Our motto is: From Eyes Wide Shut, to Eyes Wider Open!!


Enjoy While Creating Joy Forever

Phantom Concerts aims at making real / sustainable impact by taking socially relevant themes as its guidelines, making classical music become more relevant and recognizable.

Phantom Concerts
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